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Huangshi Zhongxing Special Steel Co.,Ltd is a professional company specialized in special steel manufacturing,exporting and services providing since 2006.Having been running its own steel melting plant and also keep long-strategic partnerships with reliable domestic manufacturers (with EF,LF,VD,ESR and Hydraulic Press),rolling mills,forging mills, as well as heat treatment plants.


Based on steel-smelting,Zhongxing has a integrated process of alloy steel and tool steel production from melting, rolling,forging, heat treatment, to machining.We built stable and extensive supply resources, provide a wide variety of alloy and tool steels for international stockists,traders as well as end customers.


Based on Integrity,the company has formed its flexible and efficient supply mode by integrating advantage resources,which can effectively guarantee the quality of the products,lower the cost and shorten the delivery time.Besides,all the Mill Certificates will be issued based on the sample tests by Daye Mill Research Institute—authorized testing agency in China,which provides accurate and reliable datas of the quality for our customers.make sure the quality meet requirements of customers.Currently,we have been kept very good and stable business relations with customers from Germany,

Italy,Korea,India,Iran,Turkey and South American countries such as Brazil,Chile,etc.


In the long run,Zhongxing will constantly exert the philosophy of " Integrity,Quality,Reliability and Responsibility" to strengthen itself along the supply chain and aim to be one of the best special steel suppliers worldwide.

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Mr. Tom Liu

Email: tom@zxspecialsteel.com
Tel: 86-714-6556161
Fax: 86-714-6556161
Mobile:86-15972351113 (WhatsApp,Wechat)  Skype:zhiyongliu1022

  • Machining Sevice:
  • Grinding,Turning,Milling,Peeling and other machining sevice is available.
  • Heat Treatment Sevice:
  • Steel Annealing,Normalizing,Hardening,Quenching + Tempering and other heat treatment sevice is available.